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Radio Bingo 2014

Radio Bingo

Win up to $500!

$25 Daily Cash Prize!

1:35pm Weekdays

January 5th –April 3rd, 2015

Win $500 if you get Black Out Bingo by covering all of the numbers on your card in the first 50 numbers called.
If there is no $500 winner, $25 is awarded daily to the player or players who bingo on the earliest after the first 50 numbers are called.
How to Play
Pick up a Bingo card each week at a sponsor location. (2 cards per location please). We play on a different colored card each week and you must be playing with the appropriate color to be eligible to win. Cards for the next week are available after noon each Friday.
Listen to WBEV 1430AM at 1:35pm each weekday.
All games are Blackout Bingo, which means you must have all of the numbers on your card covered to win.
Call 920-885-4446 when you get Blackout Bingo
Winners are determined by players who achieve Blackout Bingo on the earliest number called.
Monday, March 9th
Tammy Uherka, Beaver Dam
Cindy Brooke, Beaver Dam
O-61        $12.50 each

Friday, March 6th
Donna Neuberger, Reeseville
I-27        $25.00
Thursday, March 5th
Robert Vollmer, Mayville
Audrey Reichow, Juneau
N-45        $12.50 each
Wednesday, March 4th
Marcella Adelmeyer, Mayville
Orville Nehls, Juneau
G-50        $$12.50 each
Tuesday, March 3rd
Harold Hicks, Beaver Dam
Carol Lockwood, Beaver Dam
Leo Schmitt, Beaver Dam
O-74        $8.33 each
Monday, March 2nd
Marjorie Krakow, Beaver Dam
I-29        $25.00

Friday, February 27th
Betty Trost, Beaver Dam
N-44        $25.00
Thursday, February 26
Louis Adelmeyer, Mayville
N-43        $25.00
Wednesday, February 25
Brenda Norville, Beaver Dam
B-3        $25.00
Tuesday, February 24
Dennis Beske, Horicon
Barbara Bahr, Beaver Dam
O-61        $12.50
Monday, February 23
Vicki Dummer, Beaver Dam
I-19        $25.00

Friday, February 20
Brenda Norville, Beaver Dam
I-26               $25.00
Thursday, February 19
Marlene Knueppel, Horicon
Rita Schmidt, Beaver Dam
G-48        $12.50 each
Wednesday, February 18
Rosemary Zimmer, Beaver Dam
B-12         $25.00
Tuesday, February 17th
Donna Neuberger, Reeseville
I-20        $25.00
Monday, February 16th
Chuck Phelps, Beaver Dam
O-71        $25.00

Friday, February 13th
Pam Neuman, Fox Lake
Joan Daniels, Beaver Dam
Patrick Noonan, Beaver Dam
Audrey Reichow, Juneau
Marcella Adelmeyer, Mayville
I-16        $5.00 each
Thursday, February 12th
Shirley Krause, Juneau
O-62        $25.00
Wednesday, February 11th
Scott Thomas, Markesan
G-54         $25.00
Tuesday, February 10th
Mary Schwantz, Iron Ridge
I-20          $25.00
Monday, February 9th
Rich Vande Zande, Beaver Dam
O-71        $25.00

Friday, February 6th
Donna Neuberger, Reeseville
Mary Schwantz, Iron Ridge
B-10        $12.50 each
Thursday, February 5th
Dorothy Knaup, Beaver Dam
O-62        $25.00
Wednesday, February 4th
Judy Smith, Mayville
I-25        $25.00
Tuesday, February 3rd
Arletta Trejo, Beaver Dam
Lyn Bully, Juneau
Lorraine Phelps, Beaver Dam
I-28        $25.00
Monday, February 2nd
Carol Nagler, Beaver Dam
N-37        $25.00

Friday, January 29th
Dori Schmitt, Beaver Dam
Sally Adelmeyer, Mayville
O-62          $12.50
Thursday, January 29th
Jerry Priewe, Beaver Dam
Mary Schwantz, Iron Ridge
I-17          $12.50
Wednesday, Janaury 28th
Mario Garcia, Beaver Dam
0-68        $25.00
Tuesday, January 27th
Rosemary Zimmer, Beaver Dam
Mary Schwantz, Iron Ridge
B-6        $12.50 each
Monday, January 26th
Judy Vessey, Beaver Dam
Rosemary Zimmer, Beaver Dam
I-29        $12.50 each

Friday, January 23rd
Suzette Fischer, Reeseville
B-1        $25.00
Thursday, January 22nd
Harold Zastrow, Juneau
I-27        $25.00
Wednesday, January 21st
Marlene Schultz, Fox Lake
N-39        $25.00
Tuesday, January 20th
Dori Schmitt, Beaver Dam
B-3        $25.00
Monday, January 19th
Lorraine Phelps, Beaver Dam
N-45        $25.00

Friday, January 16th
Dori Schmitt, Beaver Dam
G-49        $25.00
Thursday, January 15th
Dick Poetter, Beaver Dam
Mary Woodke, Beaver Dam
G-47        $12.50 each
Wednesday, January 14th
Dawn Clementi, Fox Lake
Mary Schwantz, Iron Ridge
N-45        $12.50 each
Tuesday, January 13th
Gene Schreiber, Randolph
O-73        $25.00
Monday, January 12th
Roy Krause, Beaver Dam
B-12        $25.00

Friday, January 9th
Chuck Phelps, Beaver Dam
B-1        $25.00
Thursday, Janaury 8th
Laurie McKean, Mayville
Eleanor Schraufnagel, Columbus
Susan Barstow, Beaver Dam
Beverly Karst, Beaver Dam
John Barstow, Randolph
N-36        $5.00 each
Wednesday, January 7th
Tammy Uherka, Beaver Dam
G-46        $25.00
Tuesday, January 6th
Karen Roth, Beaver Dam
B-7        $25.00
Monday, January 5th
Jeanette Wittnebel, Beaver Dam
O-68        $25.00
2015 Bingo Cards 
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Walker’s Family Restaurant

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Rechek’s Food Pride

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Coyote Gas & Liquor


Columbus West Travel Center



Crochet Creations


Fox Lake

Fish Tales


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