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Top Stories September 19, 2014

Mayville Man Has Commitment Trial Set


9/19/14 - A jury trial is planned for a Mayville man that the state Justice Department is seeking to commit under the state’s sexual predator law. The petition was filed last month in Dodge County court alleging that David Dejanovich is a sexually violent person who should be committed indefinitely for treatment. The 41-year-old appeared for a probable cause hearing yesterday before Judge Steven Bauer who ordered Dejanovich to proceed to trial. Dejanovich was convicted of one count of Second Degree Sexual Assault of a Child in Dodge County in April of 1994. He had a seven year prison sentence imposed and stayed and was placed on probation for seven years. Dejanovich later had his probation revoked and he was ordered to serve seven years in prison.  He was released from the Department of Corrections one month ago and is being detained at the Dodge County Jail on federal charges. The state’s petition alleges that Dejanovich suffers from a mental condition that predisposes him to engage in acts of sexual violence and will likely engage in future violent acts.  Under Wisconsin law, a person may be subject to a civil commitment if they have been convicted of a sexually violent offense, have a mental disorder, and are a danger to others because it is likely he or she will commit further crimes.  Dejanovich has a jury trial scheduled in December.


“Global Resolution” Imminent In Schreiber Case


9/19/14 - There may be a “global resolution” in the works for a 32-year-old Markesan man facing charges in multiple counties. That’s the term that was used in Fond du Lac County Court when a plea and sentencing hearing was held for Aaron Schreiber Thursday. The hearing was rescheduled when the court was told a “global resolution” is being worked on. Schreiber is accused of multiple bomb threats and of officiating youth sporting events despite his sex offender status. He also faces charges in Dodge, Green Lake and Walworth Counties.


Purdue Student Shooter To Learn His Fate Today


9/19/14 - A Purdue University student who killed a fellow student from Wisconsin will find out today whether he'll go to prison or a mental institution.  Twenty-four year old Cody Cousins pleaded guilty last month to a murder charge in the death of 21-year-old Andrew Boldt of West Bend.  Cousins did not seek a plea deal.  In Indiana, that opens the door to a consideration of his mental state during his sentencing hearing, which is scheduled for this afternoon in Lafayette.  Cousins' attorney says he'll ask the judge to find Cousins guilty but mentally ill.  He admitted shooting Boldt last January 21st in an electrical engineering classroom on the Purdue campus -- and stabbing him outside a short time later.  A motive was never disclosed.  Boldt was serving as a teaching assistant at the time. Both he and Cousins were electrical engineering students at Purdue.


Reeseville Man Sentenced For Eighth OWI


9/19/14 - A Reeseville man entered a “no contest” plea yesterday in Dodge County court to a felony charge of eighth offense Operating While Intoxicated. 54-year-old George Gamboeck was injured in a three-vehicle accident last December on Highway 19 in the Town of Portland. A breath test showed his blood alcohol level to be over three times the legal limit for driving at point two-five (.25). Gamboeck was sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison and five years of extended supervision. His drivers license will also be suspended for three years followed by three years of blowing into a tube to start his car.


Columbus Woman Says John Doe Seizure Overly Broad

9/19/14 - A central figure in the John Doe Milwaukee County Walker investigation tried convincing an appeals court Thursday that the state violated her rights.  Kelly Rindfleisch appeared before the First District Appellate Court in Milwaukee.  Her attorney Franklyn Gimbel said John Doe prosecutors violated Rindfleisch's Fourth Amendment rights, when they seized 22 months of her e-mails - including both personal and business items.  The 55-year-old Rindfleisch was one of six ex-Milwaukee County Walker aides and associates convicted in the first John Doe involving the now-governor.  Rindfleisch was given probation for illegally campaign for Republicans on taxpayer time.  Gimbel said the warrants for Rindfleisch's e-mails were overly broad.  Assistant Attorney General Christopher Wren argued that the state only obtained Rindfleisch's e-mails, and not other parts of her Yahoo and Google accounts.  Wren said investigators often search homes and seize evidence unrelated to a case -- and if it's incriminating, authorities have acted on it.  


ID Computers Malfunction Reported


9/19/14 - The computers that put out Wisconsin drivers' licenses and voter I-D's were shut down for a time Thursday.  The A-C-L-U says it will try to point out the incident to an appellate court, as the group seeks to prevent the voter I-D law from being used in November.  The state's motor vehicle division lost its computers statewide from 1:30 to around 2:50 p-m yesterday.  And officials said the system was running slow before that.  The D-O-T's Peg Schmitt said technology issues happen from time-to-time, and her agency will review yesterday's shutdown.  It happened six days after a three-judge appellate panel temporarily restored the voter I-D requirement, and four days after the D-O-T adopted a system for giving free I-D's to those who need them.  This week, the A-C-L-U and the Advancement Project asked the entire ten-judge appellate court in Chicago consider striking down the law's temporary revival.  Larry Dupuis of the A-C-L-U said if they get the chance, they'll include yesterday's computer failure as one reason the law should be put back on the shelf.


Court Hearing Wednesday On Ballot Redesign


9/19/14 - A court hearing is set for Wednesday on an effort by Republican legislative leaders to change the design of the model Wisconsin ballot for November.  In the meantime, state officials have told local government clerks to keep sending out absentee ballots while the suit is pending.  The state Government Accountability Board re-designed its model ballot for this fall, to try and make it easier to read.  G-O-P Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald of Juneau say the new design favors Democrats because its lists their names first -- and the name of the office is directly above the first candidate's name without a line in between.  Vos and Fitzgerald filed suit in Waukesha County Circuit Court, where a judge will consider a temporary restraining order to halt the use of the new ballots.


Attorney General Candidates Debate Scheduled


9/19/14 - If you want to know more about the two major candidates for Wisconsin attorney general, keep the night of October 24th open.  That's when Republican Brad Schimel and Democrat Susan Happ will debate on statewide T-V and radio. Their debate will begin at seven p-m on October 24th, sponsored by Wisconsin Public Radio and Television, and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  A new Marquette Law School poll shows that roughly one of every five registered voters know enough about either candidate to form an opinion.  Schimel is the Waukesha County district attorney.  Happ is the chief prosecutor in Jefferson County.  The winner will replace Republican J-B Van Hollen, who's stepping down after eight years in office. 


Columbus Aldermanic Appointments Sought


9/19/14 - The recent resignation of four-term Columbus City Alderman Dave Bomkamp has left a vacant seat on the six person body. The Second District Council seat will be up for re-election next April. However, the city council would like to appoint an alderman to fill the seat for the next seven months. The council is planning to appoint the new alderperson by October 1st.  Mayor Kelly Crombie has issued a call out to Second District residents to apply for the open position. Interested candidates are being urged to submit a letter of interest to the mayor's office or city hall. So far, two residents have expressed interest.


Kekoskee-Leroy Wastewater Customers Face Steep Increase


9/19/14 - The DNR is asking for the public’s opinion on wastewater treatment improvements in the Village of Kekoskee and the LeRoy Sanitary District. The LeRoy-Kekoskee Joint Wastewater Treatment Plant Commission currently operates a three-cell aerated lagoon treatment plant. The $2.6-million dollars plan includes construction of a new pumping station and force main to convey sewage to a connection point in Mayville’s industrial park and abandonment of the aerated lagoons and existing pumping station. Officials say the improvements are needed because the current treatment plan has on occasion exceeded discharge limits. If construction takes place, it is estimated that the typical residential user charge for Village of Kekoskee residents will increase anywhere from $100 to $150 dollars per month. The LeRoy Sanitary District user charges are estimated to increase anywhere from $85 to $125 dollars per month. The public is encouraged to provide comments by September 30. Contact Gerry Novotny at 608-267-7625, or


Ripon Seeks To Break Twist Record


9/19/14 - Come on baby let’s do the Twist! In Ripon tomorrow residents will try and set a new world record for the number of people doing the Twist. Ripon Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jason Mansmith says as part of their Septemberfest celebration they will attempt to set a new world record. He says it’s a more daunting task that they first thought. Two weeks ago the world record was 1,707, but a town in Mississippi just established a new record with 3,040 people participating.


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