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Top Stories November 1, 2014

State Assembly Candidates Discuss Education


11/1/14- The two candidates for the 39thDistrict of the Wisconsin Assembly spoke about their primary concerns with the current education system on Community Comment this past week.  Republican incumbent Mark Born says that he has been a supporter of boosting education funds for both K-12 schools and technical colleges during his time in the Assembly.  He anticipates that spending to continue when the next budget is passed.  Independent challenger Richard Bennett says that he feels there is a major problem with the current system that he would like to address. He says that he disagrees with the voucher system as he feels that it has gone from being a beneficial program to a middle-class perk.  Earlier this year, a study conducted by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities reported that per-student spending in Wisconsin was down over $1-thousand from 2008.


State Senate Hopefuls Talk State of Education


11/1/14- The two candidates for the 13thDistrict of the State Senate appeared on recent editions of Community Comment.  Republican incumbent Scott Fitzgerald and Democratic challenger Michelle Zahn each spoke about what education issue is their highest priority to address, if they are victorious.  Fitzgerald says that he is open to allowing the voucher system to be implemented in Dodge County to give opportunities to students as he says it would be on a limited basis, not wide-spread.  He says that the program only affects a small amount of students in the state and predicts that Dodge County would not see classrooms full of students in the system.  Zahn says that increasing spending in education is one of her overall chief concerns as she feels that it will lead to the growth of industry and a stronger local economy. She says that without an educated group of potential workers,industries are not likely to want to locate in the area.  This race and all of the others that affect the Dodge County and state of Wisconsin will be decided on Election Day this Tuesday.


Early Voting Figures Reported in Wisconsin


Around one of every ten ballots projected for Tuesday's elections in Wisconsin have already been cast.  The state Government Accountability Board said over 240-thousand absentee ballots have been cast as of Friday morning.  Those are in municipalities using a statewide registration system that covers almost 70-percent of voters.  At least 173-thousand ballots have been cast during the two-week early voting period in municipal clerks' offices.  That total is higher than the early votes in the 2012 governor's recall election.  Who that benefits, though, seems to be anybody's guess. Republicans cut off early voting on weekends this year, saying they wanted to create statewide fairness by preventing weekend votes in bigger cities with the resources to offer it -- places that are predominantly Democratic.  U-W Madison political scientist Ken Mayer says the early turnout tends to favor Republican Governor Scott Walker in his contest against Democrat Mary Burke.  Mayer tells the A-P that absentee voters tend to be more educated, richer, and more engaged in politics -- which leans toward Republicans.  State officials estimate that around two-and-a-half million people, or 56-and-a-half percent of Wisconsin adults, will vote in the November elections. 


Burke Holds Slight Advantage Entering Home Stretch


Democrat Mary Burke continued to have a slight advertising edge on Wisconsin T-V going into the final week of the governor's race.  The Center for Public Integrity said Friday that Burke and her supports spent nine-point-seven million dollars on T-V ads through Monday. Republican Governor Scott Walker and his supporters spent almost eight-million.  None of that counts the final advertising blitzes made by both candidates and their backers.  Friday, former President Bill Clinton appears on a T-V ad for Burke, saying she would be a governor who "brings people together across party lines, not dividing them."  Earlier this week, Walker said the national figures who spoke up for Burke indicated that she's aligning herself with Washington Democrats and public unions. Burke told reporters in Madison Friday that her only interest is for Wisconsin and its families.  Observers say Walker needs to win on Tuesday, if he wants to remain in the conversation for the Republican White House nomination for 2016. 






Hubertus Man Sentenced to Five Years in Prison


11/1/14- Daniel Bartelt of Hubertus sentenced to five years in prison in Washington County Circuit Court this week for his 2013 attack on a woman in the Richfield Historical Park. The 20-year-old is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of Jessie Blodgett of Hartford. The attack occurred three days before the murder.  Bartelt was also ordered to pay $2000 in restitution.



BDPD Looking into Pair of Burglaries


11/1/14- The Beaver Dam Police Department is investigating a pair of burglaries. The first one was reported on the 100 block of Stone Street Thursday afternoon.According to police records, the residence was broken into and weapons and cash were stolen. On Thursday evening, a resident on the 200 block of Vincent Circle reported a breaking and entering with various items missing. Anyone with information on either burglary is asked to contact the Beaver Dam Police Department.


Public Views Columbus’ Highway Design Plans


11/1/14- The Columbus public was invited to look at the "sixty percent plans" for the design of the proposed 2017 reconstruction of Highways 60and 16 this week. Planners from have completed some of the details of the major artery rebuild. The cost of the multi-million dollar reconstruction would be split between the city and the state. The city would be paying for most of the electric, sewer and water utility upgrades. The plans call for utilities along James Street to be underground to improve the esthetics along James Street. There construction of James Street is the largest of five highway projects scheduled for Columbus over the next six years.


Homeless Rate Down in Wisconsin


11/1/14- Wisconsin has fewer homeless people than in recent years.  The U-S Department of Housing and Urban Development counted six-thousand-55 homeless residents in the Badger State in January.  That's down one-percent from the previous year, and it's four-and-a-half percent less than almost five years ago.  The numbers come from an annual one-night count by local advocacy groups for the homeless.  The new report also says there are much fewer homeless veterans living on Wisconsin streets. That number is down 10-and-a-half percent from last year. 



Daylight Savings Time


11/1/14 - Your weekend will be one hour longer.  Daylight savings time ends at 2am tomorrow, when the clock goes back to 1am for second time.  Beaver Dam Fire Department Public Education Coordinator Russ Johnson says it is especially important when you set your clocks back one hour to also replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. The U-S Consumer Product Safety Commission says about16-million homes around the country have smoke detectors which don't work --due mainly to dead and missing batteries.


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