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Top Stories October 26, 2014

Schmidt Accuses Ninmann of Incomplete File


10/26/14 - Sheriff Pat Ninmann and Sergeant Dale Schmidt appeared separately on the most recent edition of WBEV’s Community Comment.  The two candidates for Dodge County sheriff in the November 4 election discussed a variety of matters including the personnel file of the current sheriff. Schmidt says that the file she made available online for citizens to view was missing what he believes to be some key components.  He says that twelve letters of complaint,including five with signed affidavits from the writers, two harassment claims,and one hostile work environment claim were not included with the file.  Ninmann countered that claim by saying that all of the contents that she received from the human resources department are posted.  She says that the letters her opponent is referring to were unsigned, never placed in her file, and came without disciplinary action being taken. To hear full audio from the program,scroll to the bottom of this page and follow the link.


Berger Says Mill Rate, Levy to Decrease in Horicon


10/26/14 - Superintendent Gary Berger says that the total budgeted amount in 2015 is a bit less than it is this current year for the Horicon School District.  That dip is right around $20-thousand.  The Board of Education of the Horicon School District adopted its budget for the coming year at its recent meeting.  In addition to the decrease of the total budgeted amount, the mill rate also decreased.  It dropped about $200-thousand to$4.1-million.  The mill rate also lowered for residents within the district from 11.23 to 10.43.  Berger says that a change in property values is responsible for that decrease. Property values within the taxable area increased by a combined$11-million.  Steady figures in enrollment and revenue also contributed to the decrease in some of these financial numbers.  While Berger says that cuts are never ideal, only a few minor ones had to be made going into the new year.


Horicon School District Report Card Released


10/26/14 - The Board of Education of the Horicon School District discussed the results of the district’s school report cards at its recent meeting.  Horicon received a 73.3 overall accountability score.  This classifies the district in the ‘exceeds expectations’ range.  The district’s student growth score of 73.1ranked Horicon in the top fifteen percent in the state.  The board was pleased with the positive scores and cited a closing gap between those students who were doing well academically and those who were previously struggling as a significant reason the solid review.


 ‘Project Lifesaver’ Program Helping At-Risk Individuals


10/26/14 - The Project Lifesaver Program is beginning its eighth year of operation in Columbia County.  The program provides at-risk individuals, including those who suffer from conditions such as Down Syndrome or Autism, with a tracking bracelet.  This locator equipment is used to track the person in the event that they go missing and has been known to assist law enforcement personnel in cutting searches from hours or days to just minutes.  The program has had over 2,900rescues to date, three of which have been in Columbia County.  No tax dollars have been used to support the program as donations have covered all costs. Persons interested in picking up an application for a device or donating to the program can do so at the Columbia County Law Enforcement Center in Portage. 


Mayville Brush Pickup to Continue Through Winter Months


10/26/14 - The City of Mayville has announced that it will pick up brush once a month during the winter season.  The following Mondays will be the days of collection: November 24, December 29, January 26, February23, and March 30.  Branches should be at least five feet and should not be cut down in length.  The city also requests that the branches be less than one-hundred pounds and no more than six inches in diameter.  Branches should be stacked and arranged by size with smaller twigs being tied in bundles or boxed.


Mayville Publishes Snow Removal Ordinance

10/26/14- The city of Mayville recently published an ordinance regarding snow and ice removal procedures.  The owner or occupant of a property must remove all snow and ice from the public sidewalk that the house fronts upon within 24 hours of snowfall ceasing.  If the ice that is formed cannot be removed,the area must be sprinkled with salt or another abrasive material.  The first violation of this ordinance will result in a citation, but no fine, being issued.  Any subsequent violations at the property will bring a fine of $100.  A failure to remove the snow or ice after that fine may lead to the city having it removed at the cost of the property owner.   

Coffee with a Cop Returns This Week

10/26/14 - The Horicon Police Department is joining forces with the Dodge County Sheriff’s Department to host Coffee with a Cop. The2-hour program gives community members a chance to ask questions and share concerns with law enforcement in a neutral setting over a cup of coffee. It begins at 8:00 am Tuesday morning at Mother’s Day Restaurant on East Lake Street in Horicon.


Recent Survey Says Cybersecurity Breaches on Rise


10/26/14 - Nearly forty-percent of Americans have suffered from a personal security breach.  That is according to a recent survey conducted by the University of Phoenix.  Those breaches include identity theft, having credit card information used without authorization, and having one’s e-mail or social media account hacked.  An estimated 200,000 malware attacks occurred each day in the United States in2013.  That was the same number of attacks that occurred in the entire year of 2006.  The annual cost of computer and network-based crimes is estimated to be north of $400-billion.


Ocean Spray Shooting Commercials in Wisconsin



10/26/14 - For the first time, Ocean Spray is filming its famous cranberry commercials in Wisconsin.  Company employees, actors, and production crews have been filming at the Beltz Cranberry Company at Warrens in Monroe County.  For ten years, Ocean Spray has featured two comedic cranberry farmers standing in a bog.  Those ads were shot at the same bog at Carver, Massachusetts.  Courtney Nunley of the Arnold Worldwide ad agency said the commercials needed to be freshened up -- so they made a change of scenery, and decided on Wisconsin because it's now the nation’s top cranberry-producing state.  Nunley said the sky is much bigger, and the landscape allows the ads to be filmed from different angles.  The Wisconsin marsh is bigger and flatter than the one in Carver that was seen in previous ads.  The new ads are expected to debut next year.


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