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Top Stories September 15, 2014

Watermark Project Delays Upsets Officials

9/15/14 - Beaver Dam’s Operations Committee certainly didn’t please Mayor Kennedy in its decision to delay bidding on the Watermark. The $2.1 million project will now be delayed in its groundbreakingas the bids have not been entertained. However, Kennedy is still optimisticthat work on what will be a lengthy effort can begin before year’s end.  He said that the majority of the work wouldbe able to be completed during the winter as most of it would be indoors. The mayor mentioned that the committee failed to follow the guidance they wereprovided by their consultants in their decision to not go forward with the bidding. Kennedy went on to say that his stance on the matter was created notto reflect the interests of himself or the committee, but rather to serve the betterment of the community.   

Officials React To Watermark Project

9/15/14 - Alderman Robert Ballweg has taken exception to some of Mayor Kennedy’s recent comments.  Kennedy has been frustrated by the recent decision of the council to not move forward with the bidding process for the coming Watermark building.  He has used certainwords that Ballweg says unfairly puts the blame on the council.  These terms include “stall” and “roadblock.”  Contrary to that, Alderman Ballweg claims that the council has been doing everything they can to help movethe project along.  Ballweg says thatthere is currently no set timeframe for how this project will unfold.  He did say that the council had been told byits consultant that there would be no down side in holding off a few months onentertaining bids.  The alderman says heis also frustrated by what he considers an unwillingness of the mayor todiscuss matters regarding this project in an open setting.  He also believes that the mayor takes toomuch exception to questions that are asked of him by the council.  Finances for the effort have also been aheavily debated matter between the sides. Ballweg notes that $1.8-million of the $2.1-million needed to fund the Watermark still needs to be borrowed before the project can begin.

First Annual Beaver Dam Pepper Festival Plans Underway

9/15/14 - The first annual Beaver Dam Pepper Festival will be held on Saturday October 4th.

The event will take place at the Park Village Shopping Center and willrun throughout the day.  Two years ago,events under the same name were held in both Chicago and Milwaukee to honor these peppers from Dodge County.  Event organizer Diana Ogle says that there are two main purposes for the festival.  The first of these is to allowpeople to taste these peppers.  It also serves as a time to honor the family that first brought the seeds for these peppers from Hungary to Beaver Dam back in 1912 .  In addition, local music and entertainment will be provided at the event throughout the day.  All proceeds will go to the Beaver Dam AreaArts Association and the Beaver Dam Community Hospital Foundation.

Loco Vocals To Perform At BDACT

9/15/14 - The Loco Vocals music group will be returning to the Beaver Dam Area Community Theatre this week.  They will be performing 7:30 p.m. onThursday, Friday, and Saturday and at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday.

The group has played some of their uniquely-themed sold out shows at the theatre in the past.  This year the theme is ‘Songs of the 60s.’  Group vocalist Jay Wilkins says that the show will progress chronologically in songs though out the decade. Tickets for each show are $10 dollars for adults and $5 dollars for those under eighteen. They are available for purchase at Recheck's Food Pride in Beaver Dam. All Proceeds go to benefit the theatre and its programs.

Heroin Summits To Start Up Again

9/15/14 - The dangers of heroin use and the effect of the heroin problem on the public will be the focus of a heroin summit inHustisford on Thursday. The summit will be held at the Hustisford School District- Library at 6:30pm. Dodge County District Attorney Kurt Klomberg says they are trying to focus on prevention with the summits that have been offered.He says it’s a problem you can’t arrest or prosecute your way out of. Learn how heroin and other drugs are affecting children and the community at the “Its Not My Kid… Or is it?” presentation. 

Beaver Dam Women Accused Of Burglary

9/15/14 - Two Beaver Dam women are accused of breaking into an apartment and stealing money in Beaver Dam. 17-year-old Noelle Chapman and 17-year-old Megan Neu are charged with felony Burglary and misdemeanor theft.

Prosecutors say Chapman admitted to her actions, saying shetook a change jar from her brother’s apartment to buy food and gas.  Chapman admitted to entering the apartment without permission. Chapman told officers the jar had $45 dollars in it. According to the criminal complaint, Neu stated that she gave Chapman a ride to the apartment and she said she stayed in the car while Chapman went inside and when she came back out Chapman had with her a coin jar with change in it.  Chapman is also suspected of stealing an additional $1000 dollars from her brother a reference to a different unrelated incident that was not reported. Authorities say Neu knew the money came from the apartment, but she did not know what Chapman’s intentions were when she gave her a ride to the apartment. Champan and Neu are schedule to make initial appearances in a Dodge County Courtroom at the end of September.

Vehicle Sales Falling Behind In South-Central Wisconsin

9/15/14 - Vehicle sales in the region are falling behind so far this year, compared to last year. That’s according to the latest figures released by the Waterloo-based, industry tracking firm Reg-Trak. The numbers show an overall decline in car and truck sales of just over two-percent for the first seven months of the year in the nine-counties that make up the south-central region. Dodge County vehicle sales were down seven-point-two-eight percent (7.28%) from January through August with 2408 sales this year compared to 2597 from August of last year. Columbia Countysales were down five-point-zero-six percent (5.06%) with 1708 sales so far this year, nearly 90 less than last year. Jefferson County was better but still experienced a drop of just below one-percent (.33%) with 1788 car sales through last month, six fewer than the same time in 2013.

New ZonesMapped Out For 2014 Hunting Season

9/15/14 - Tuesday marks the start of this year’s Canada goose hunting season in the Horicon and Exterior zones.  

This Season will run through December 16th.  When combined with the 15-day early Canada goose season that concludes today, it brings Wisconsin to a total of 107 days of hunting this type of bird. There have been a few changes in the regulations from last year.  DNR Migratory Game Bird Ecologist Kent VanHorn says that part of the Horicon Zone was moved into the Exterior Zone toprovide more opportunities for hunters. The areas that have been shifted to the Exterior Zone are that west ofHighway 73 and north of Highway 23.  The other significant policy alteration is that the season harvest limit has been increased to a total of 12 Canada geese per hunter.  However, the daily bag limit of two has remained the same.  Just days after theseason opens, Van Horn says that the youth waterfowl hunt will again takeplace.  This event will be held on September 20th and 21st.  It allows hunters between the ages of 10-15 to experience the season before the adultsget the chance.  Normal bag limits continue to apply during the youth hunt.

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