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Top Stories September 2, 2014

Officials Remind Public of School Bus Safety


9/2/14 - Most Wisconsin public schools are starting their fall classes this morning. Almost 880-thousand youngsters attended nearly 23-hundred school buildings in the last school year.  We won't know this fall's enrollment until later this month.  State school Superintendent Tony Evers says the new school year holds a lot of promise.  New tests will be given on the state's tougher Common Core standards for math and English.  A new teacher evaluation system will also be used statewide. The new year also means more school buses will be around town. Dodge County Sheriff Pat Ninmann wants to remind all drivers of some important traffic laws. Ninmann says motorists need to pay attention and stop not less than 20-feet at the front or rear of the school bus when a school bus stop sign is out. She says failure to do so will result in a four demerit point citation and a $326 dollar ticket. Ninmann says the bus safety laws are crucial for the safety of children and other drivers. She says it’s not only buses that drivers have to look out for. Ninmann encourages drivers to be cautious of their surroundings and watch out for pedestrians as well. Ninmann says drivers should be conscientious about speeds especially around school zones, because children will be walking to school as well.  The school year starts up September 2.


Local Volunteer Group Holds Fundraiser To Fight Ebola Outbreak


9/2/14 - A local volunteer group is reaching out to the community for support as they hold a fundraiser to send supplies to Liberia, West Africa. Friendship International is a homegrown organization in Beaver Dam that care about reaching out to those in need. Executive Director Mark Molldrem says when the Ebola outbreak started the volunteer group wanted to do something to help. He says the organization is ready to send over a cargo container full of medical supplies and educational supplies. Molldrem says the medical supplies have been supplied by Church Health Services. He says they received extra items that they won’t be able to use and they wanted to provide the excess items to send to Liberia. Friendship International will be holding a carwash to raise funds to help ship the cargo container of medical supplies to Liberia. Molldrem says the cargo container will be sent out in October and will arrive sometime in November. He says it is gratifying to help those in need. He says it is important to send excess items to those who do not have supplies and make a difference where they can. The car wash will be held at First Lutheran Church September 6 from 10am to 2pm.


Committee To Vote Tonight On Watermark Bidding


9/2/14 - The planned Watermark Community and Senior Center was discussed with the city’s Community Activities and Services Administrator last week on WBEV. The Watermark received a boost when the city council voted last month to accept a Community Development Block Grant.  This award will help to fund the project that is expected to cost around $2.1-million.  While not all of the money has yet to be raised, the half-a-million dollar grant will assist in reaching that total.  Coordinator Evonne Boettge tells us the grant is a terrific accomplishment for the city.  The award placed the effort in exclusive company as it is only the second one in the state to receive the maximum amount that is allowed. 


Meanwhile, the Beaver Dam Operations Committee will meet tonight to discuss a plan to start the bidding process on the Watermark. A vote to move forward with bidding was tabled last month. The committee met 90 minutes before the common council, which had yet to cast a vote on acceptance of the state grant. Alderpersons Robert Ballweg, Donna Maly and Laine Meyer questioned the timing of the vote, noting that procedurally, the council vote to accept the grant should come first and all funding sources should be known before bidding. Architect Marty Sell indicated that the timeline was fluid enough that short delay in the vote would not delay a plan to start work on the site this fall. The Operations Committee is holding a special meeting this evening at 7pm at the Beaver Dam Municipal Building.


Badger Honor Flight To Hold Fundraiser


9/2/14 - The Badger Honor Flight has flown countless veterans to the nation’s capital since its inception in 2010.  The program was founded by former Air Force Captain Earl Morse, who wanted to give veterans the opportunity to see the monument from the war in which they fought. Flight organizer Jim Bublitz says that the trip consists of flying the veterans to Washington D.C. and taking them to the memorial without any cost.  The free trip has allowed many veterans to see their monument when they otherwise likely never would. Each veteran is accompanied by a guardian who assists them throughout the day. Bublitz says that he too has had the chance to go along on one of these trips and noticed how much the veterans were able to enjoy themselves since everything was planned out for them ahead of time.  It also gives them a wonderful opportunity to network with one another and trade stories. To ensure this terrific program can continue, the association is holding an upcoming fundraiser.  The Badger Honor Flight Hangar Dance will take place at the Wisconsin Aviation Dodge County Airport on Saturday, September 6th from 7pm – 10pm.


Nation of Patriots Provides Support To Families In Need


9/2/14 - Nearly 750 people attended the closing ceremony of the Nation of Patriots Tour to show their support and honor veterans on Saturday in Beaver Dam.  Among them, were many families and friends who said this tour really hits home. Amanda Thompson has participated in the ride for two years and she says it is dear to her heart. Thompson’s boyfriend is a veteran and she says it is surreal to see the flag being folded and brought home to support those who have served. Veteran Jonathon Schumacher says he knows how important this ride is because he has seen the funds help veterans and their families first hand. Schumacher says a soldier he worked with was injured while in Afghanistan and Nation of Patriots stepped up and helped the family out with some housing projects. He says it is great to see how patriotic people are in this region. Schumacher says it is a wonderful thing to see both veterans and non-veterans provide extra support and help to those who need it. The Nation of Patriots fundraiser has raised over $80-thousand dollars and the organization plans to divvy out the funds to at least 20 states around the U.S.


Obama Speaks To Milwaukee Crowd on Labor Day


9/2/14 - President Obama told an estimated six-thousand people in Milwaukee Monday that his efforts to help workers are paying off.  The Democratic president spoke for just over a half-hour at the city's annual Labor-fest -- where he also appeared in 2008 and 2010.  Obama renewed his push to raise the minimum wage, saying he'd continue the same hard sell to Congress that he once used to court his wife Michelle.  As he put it, "I just wore her down." Republicans continue to reject Democratic calls to raise the minimum wage to 10.10-an-hour, both nationally and in Wisconsin.  The G-O-P says it's a job-killer.  Congress is not expected to act on the minimum wage before the November elections.  Obama said congressional Republicans oppose "almost everything."  The president spoke more aggressively to the Milwaukee crowd about the nation's economic gains than he had in the recent past.  He said that "by almost every measure," the U-S economy and American workers are better off than when he took office.  In his words, "the engines are revving a little louder."  Governor Scott Walker, House Democrat Gwen Moore, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, and County Executive Chris Abele greeted Obama when he arrived at Mitchell International Airport.  Walker's Democratic challenger Mary Burke met privately with Obama.


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