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Top Stories October 31, 2014

Gibson Predicts 65-Percent Dodge County Voter Turnout


10/31/14 - About 57-percent of Wisconsin's eligible voters are expected to cast ballots by the time Tuesday's over.  The state Government Accountability Board projects that about two-and-a-half million residents will vote.  That's about on par with the 2012 recall election in which Governor Scott Walker survived by defeating Democrat Tom Barrett by seven percentage points.  Board director Kevin Kennedy says that it's clear voters are engaged anytime the turnout breaks 50-percent.  The Walker race against Democrat Mary Burke tops the ticket, along with the attorney general's contest between prosecutors Brad Schimel and Susan Happ.  There's also an open U-S House being vacated by Congressman Tom Petri along with a statewide referendum on a constitutional amendment to bar the use of gas tax revenues for anything besides transportation. Closer to home, County Clerk Karen Gibson says the contested sheriffs race is expected to drive up numbers in Dodge County where she anticipates voter turnout upwards of 65-percent. That would translate to roughly 32-thousand ballots being cast. Gibson notes that in the 2010 gubernatorial election, around 31-thousand Dodge County residents voted.


Minimum Wage Discussed by Assembly Hopefuls


Both of the candidates running for District 39 of the Wisconsin Assembly spoke about the topic of minimum wage during recent appearances on WBEV’s Community Comment.  Independent challenger Richard Bennett says that he is in favor of an increase at this present time and possibly making further changes to the law in the future.  The challenger says that he would like to see a ten-percent increase as he claims that is what the people deserve.  After this, he says that he would like to have other states that raise their minimum wage monitored to see the effect it has on their economies.  Republican incumbent Mark Born says that he is more concerned with attracting high-paying jobs to Wisconsin to ensure that the citizens of the state do not need to worry about the minimum wage amount.  He wants to see an increase in manufacturing jobs that would pay three or four times that amount.  The incumbent believes that these are the sorts of jobs that people are really interested in, not those that pay the minimum.  Wisconsin’s minimum wage is currently $7.25 per hour.  That is the same as the minimum wage on the federal level.


State Senate Candidates on Minimum Wage


In the race for state Senate, Democratic challenger Michelle Zahn and Republican incumbent Scott Fitzgerald have different views when it comes to the issue of minimum wage.  Zahn says that she is in favor of raising the state’s minimum wage as she feels that it is a decision that would not hamper any of the parties involved.  She says that people having discretionary income, in addition to the money needed to make a living, is what helps feed the economy.  The challenger says that not paying workers a certain wage leads to an increase in the need for social services.  On the other hand, Fitzgerald says that he is not certain that forcing employers, especially those in the private sector, to pay employees a higher wage is a great idea as it could lead to jobs being lost.  He says it will be difficult to convince a Republican legislature that increasing the figure would not lead to positions being cut.  Minimum wage is just one of many issues being discussed leading up to this race, and all of the other state and local races, being decided on Election Day this Tuesday.


Dodgeland School Board Mill Rate Down


10/31/14 - The Dodgeland School Board adopted their 2014-2015 budget this week and taxpayers in the district will see a lower mill rate than they did last year. The district will levy for about $17-thousand dollars more than last the last budget at $4.1-million. The overall budget is down 3.7-percent to $9.7-million dollars, a drop of $375-thousand dollars from the previous budget. And state aid payments were up by about $31-thousand dollars to just over $5.9-million. That, combined with a healthy jump in taxable property in Juneau – a nearly $8-million dollar increase – resulted a mill rate drop of 28-cents to $12.90 per thousand dollars of assessed value. Superintendent Annette Thompson notes that one-third of the mill rate goes toward paying debt service for the campus buildings. That debt will be retired in 2020 and without it, the mill rate would be $8.59-cents per thousand.


Waupun School Board Budget Adopted


10/31/14 - The Waupun School Board approved its 2015 budget earlier this week.  The levy is set for $10.4-million, which is an increase of .04-percent from the current year.  However, the mill rate has decreased from $11.43 to $10.83 per thousand dollars of property value.  That is a five-percent drop from 2014.


Juneau Man Convicted In Crime Spree


10/31/14 - A Juneau man has entered into a plea agreement with prosecutors for his role in a series of daytime burglaries that occurred in the Dodge County area last fall. 32-year-old Nicholas Dambruch pled “no contest” Thursday to four felony Burglary charges and had eight other felony counts dismissed but read into the record. Columbus police received a tip in December regarding a suspicious person who knocked on a door, asked for someone and then walked away. Dambruch, and 22-year-old Kassie Gehler of Juneau, were arrested following a traffic stop a short time later. She reportedly told investigators she is a heroin addict and acted as the driver and lookout during numerous burglaries in Mayville, Columbus and Lomira in November and December. Gehler pled “no contest” last month to four felony counts of Burglary as a Party to a Crime and is slated to be sentenced next July. A pre-sentencing investigation was ordered for Dambruch who faces up to 50 years in prison when he is sentenced in January.


Third Man Charged in Fond du Lac County Heroin OD


10/31/14 - A third man is facing First Degree Reckless Homicide and Heroin Trafficking charges in connection with the death of a Fond du Lac County man. Sixty-six-year-old Alonzo Corneilus of Milwaukee was recently charged in Fond du Lac County Court. He’s currently serving time for a Heroin Trafficking conviction in Milwaukee. In addition to Corneilus, 40-year-old Jason Van Norman of Fond du Lac and 27-year-old Joshua Mulder of Waupun are facing similar charges in the October 2012 overdose death of Devin Perry of the Town of Springvale.


Beaver Dam Man Arraigned on Burglary Charges


10/31/14 - A Beaver Dam man entered a ‘not guilty” plea at arraignment Thursday to charges that he broke into an apartment and attempted to steal electronic equipment.  27-year-old Jason Collier is charged with felony Burglary for allegedly breaking into a Beaver Dam apartment last week. A neighbor heard a commotion in the unit and reportedly walked in on Collier and another woman trying to remove a television and other items. The witness was acquainted with the suspects who were apparently staying with friends in the apartment complex but were not able to explain what they were doing in that particular unit.  The Burglary charge carries a maximum 12-and-a-half year prison sentence, if he is convicted. Collier remains jailed on a $10-thousand dollar cash bond.


Dumpster Dogs Not Found in Dumpster


10/31/14 - It turns out that the two puppies who were found in a dumpster behind a Beaver Dam grocery store this week were not actually found in the dumpster. That’s according to Dodge County Humane Society Board President Ryan Vossekuil who says Lucky and Chance will soon be available for adoption.  After further investigation by the Beaver Dam Police Department, it was discovered that the owners had fallen on hard times and were no longer able to care for the dogs. Vossekuil says they apparently did not fully understand the services that the Dodge County Humane Society provides.  Anyone who is unable to care for their pets is welcome to bring them to the humane society where Vossekuil says, for a nominal fee, they will take care of both their basic needs and their medical needs. Lucky and Chance have both been groomed and will soon be neutered, get their vaccinations and have some much needed dental work done at the expense of the Humane Society.  Vossekuil they are friendly, wonderful dogs who will be looking for their forever families very soon. 


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