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Top Stories September 20, 2017..

BDPD Searching For Suspect In Attempted Bank Robbery


9/20/17 -  Authorities in Beaver Dam are looking for the suspect in an attempted armed robbery. It happened around 8:22am Wednesday morning at Bank Mutual at the intersection of North Center Street and West Maple Avenue. Employees report that a man was standing outside their building with a handgun pointed toward them. The bank had not yet opened, the doors were still locked, he never gained entry and no one was injured. Police utilized a nearby K-9 unit from the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office and followed a scent one block north to a four-unit apartment complex on the 100 block of Third Street. The SWAT Team was called in a two people were arrested. Beaver Dam Police say the two people taken into custody were questioned but are no longer considered suspects, have been released and are facing no charges. The apartment is one block south of the Beaver Dam Middle School which is on Fourth Street. The school implemented an administrative hold procedure and no one was allowed in or out of the building until the incident was resolved around 11am. The suspect was wearing a red-colored cloth over his face along with a grey hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Beaver Dam Police Department.


Contact: Beaver Dam Police Lieutenant of Detectives Terrence Gebhardt at 920-887-4613 x503.


Watch live video of one arrest and the SWAT Team sweep here:


Sheriff Presents Jail Plan To County Board


9/20/17 - The Dodge County Board was presented last night with a plan to address facility needs at the old jail house. Built in 1959 and located at 141 North Main Street in Juneau, the structure is plagued with issues stemming from outdated video equipment, jail code problems, and rundown mechanical systems. Chief Deputy Sheriff Scott Smith says closing the building would mean lost revenue close to $3-million annually through immigration and custom holds form the U.S. Marshals. He says it would also displace about 108 beds back into the main jail. To help avoid closing the facility the Sheriff’s Office suggested a two-part plan. Part one includes constructing two new pods adjacent to the current jailhouse. Smith says the proposal would help bring all the housing into one building which would help with current safety inefficiencies. He says if there is an emergency in the old jail in order to reinforce the staff they have to run the quarter mile from the main jail to assist them. The preliminary cost for building the two new pods is $20.5-million. Part two would involve demolition of the old jailhouse to build a training, parking, and storage facility in its place. Smith says it would help eliminate the spots taking up by squad cars and other sheriff vehicles in the courthouse parking lot. Provide better options for training staff members and continue to offer a place to house recreational and SWAT equipment as well as their weapons and ammunitions. The preliminary price tag the space is $11.5-million. Smith says the Sheriff’s Office will continue to look for guidance and will support whatever decision the county board makes going forward. He says the goal is to bring back a more finalized plan in the summer of 2018.


Dodge County Board Gets Preliminary Budget


9/20/17 - Dodge County taxes could stay fairly level in 2018. The Dodge County Board saw an early version of the budget at their meeting last night. County Administrator Jim Mielke says the $111-million-dollar document includes a tax levy of just over $33.8-million dollars, up $500-thousand from the current year. The proposed mill rate of $5.49 per thousand would be close to two cents less than the number homeowners saw last December on the county portion of their tax bill. The budget does include a health insurance premium increase of five percent. The finance committee will hold budgetary sessions next week and will present the document to the county board on October 17. Final adoption is slated for November 14.


Waupun Man Convicted In Attempted Kidnapping Incident


9/20/17 - The 24-year-old Waupun man who attacked a woman in Waupun last Thanksgiving morning will spend seven years and nine months in prison and seven-and-a-half years under extended supervision. Juan Antonio Arriaga, a transient worker, was sentenced Tuesday on felony charges of Attempted Kidnapping, Intimidation of a Victim and False Imprisonment along with misdemeanor Battery and Disorderly Conduct. Last November, Officer Robert Williams spotted Arriaga just after midnight and began monitoring him. District Attorney Eric Toney says it was great police work. Officer Williams briefly lost sight of Arriaga but when he saw him again Arriaga was stalking the victim. The 22-year-old woman had left a bar headed for her boyfriend’s when Arriaga wrapped his arm around her, blocked her vision, and struck her in the head. He began guiding her toward his residence, which was about a block away. The victim fell to the ground and yanked her purse away from Arriaga. She then spotted Williams squad car and ran toward him. Toney says if Williams had not been close enough what happened could have been quite frightening. She does not speak Spanish and Arriaga does not speak English. Arriaga later told police he was lonely and had been drinking.  A jury found Arriaga guilty of the charges during a trial in July.


New Council Sought For Inmate Accused Of Threatening DA


9/20/17 - An inmate at the Waupun Correctional Institution accused of threatening the life of the Fond du Lac County District Attorney is seeking new council. James Luke’s attorney Katherine Findley withdrew her services yesterday and an October 12 jury trial will be rescheduled at a later date. Luke is charged with one felony count of Threatening a Prosecutor as a Repeat offender. According to the criminal complaint, the 29-year-old sent a letter to DA Eric Toney in March of last year that said there was a (quote) “target on his head that said death.” The letter also said that Luke and his (quote) “ISIS homies are going to cook you and your loved ones sooner or later.” Luke said that he would eventually have his time overturned and beat pending charges and when he is released he would personally decapitate Toney and mail his head to the local news so the world can see. Luke also praised Allah repeatedly before signing the letter “Haneef Abu Rafeeh.” Detectives from Fond du Lac County interviewed Luke and asked him if he was serious and Luke reportedly said “dead serious.” The FBI determined that the saliva on the flap of the envelop was consistent with DNA from a saliva swab from Luke. If convicted, he faces up to ten years in prison. Luke has a long history as a habitual offender with several convictions for Burglary and Battery By Prisoner.


Waupun Man Convicted Of Injuring Police Officer


9/20/17 - A Waupun man was convicted yesterday of injuring a Beaver Dam police officer during a foot chase. Bradley Buechel entered an Alford Plea to a felony count of Resisting an Officer causing Substantial Bodily Harm. As part of an Alford Plea, the defendant refuses to admit guilt but agrees there is enough evidence to convict. Charges of felony Possession of Narcotic Drugs and Possession of Cocaine along with misdemeanor Possession of Drug Paraphernalia were dismissed but read into the record. Three Beaver Dam officers were doing extra patrol in the Lakecrest Drive area in May when three people ran from one of the apartments. An officer tried to stop Buechel, was able to catch up with him and tackled him. The 33-year-old resisted arrest and the officer was injured in the scuffle. Another officer assisted and they were eventually able to hold Buechel down. Buechel’s wallet was found in a grassy area and drugs were found inside. Buechel admitted to possessing heroin and crack but did not know how much he had with him. A sentencing hearing is on the calendar in December.


Mayville Man Convicted Of Possessing Child Porn


9/20/17 - A Mayville man who possessed graphic images of minors has entered into a plea agreement with Dodge County prosecutors. Marlon Kegel pled no contest yesterday to three felony counts of Possession of Child Pornography and had seven other felony charges dismissed but read into the record. The 46-year-old had the images on laptops, hard drives, thumb drives, cell phones and floppy discs. At first Kegel told investigators that he never downloaded images of children but then he later admitted to intentionally searching the internet for illegal pictures. A sentencing hearing is scheduled for December 14.


Watertown Man Gets Probation For Underage Assault


9/20/17 - A Watertown man will spend 18 months on probation for having inappropriate contact with a 14-year-old girl. Justin Cesar pled guilty to one felony count of Second Degree Sexual Assault of a Child as well as misdemeanor Fourth Degree Sexual Assault. He was placed on deferred prosecution agreement and will avoid a felony record if he stays of out trouble while on probation. The two had contact multiple times between 2014 and June of 2016 in the Hustisford area. The 20-year-old Cesar admitted to investigators that their relationship started when the victim was in seventh grade and he was a senior in high school.


Hintz Chosen As New Minority Leader


9/20/17 - Assembly Democrat Gordon Hintz of Oshkosh was chosen by his party colleagues Tuesday as the new minority leader of the lower house. He replaces Peter Barca, who stepped down amid criticism that he helped Republicans pass the massive state aid package for the Foxconn plant to be built in Barca's area. Hintz called on Democrats to focus on winning elections, and move beyond primary challenges and what he called partisan "purity tests" like Barca was said to have violated. Democrats have their smallest minority in the Assembly since the late 1950s, with just 35 of the 99 members -- and Hintz says they all need to be on the same page or they won't be an "effective voice for Democrats" throughout the state.


Gun Requirements Loosened Under Bill Heading To Senate


9/20/17 - A state bill was endorsed Tuesday to help people carry concealed weapons without the requirements for state permits and training. The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 3-2, with both Democrats voting no, to send the measure to the full upper house for consideration. The Republican bill would let some people carry hidden guns on public school grounds, let others beside police carry Taser stun guns with no training, and let felons carry muzzle loaders. Republicans say the bill would make the general public safer, but Democrats disagreed. Committee chairman Van Wanggaard of Racine predicted that both houses would okay the bill, even though Governor Scott Walker has said he'd rather keep the present permit and training mandates in effect.


Appeals Court Upholds Right To Work Law


9/20/17 - A state appeals court says Wisconsin's right to work law is constitutional. The Third District appellate court in Wausau on Tuesday overturned a Dane County circuit judge's ruling that threw out the 2015 law, which prohibits companies from making union membership a condition of employment. The law no longer requires workers to pay union dues, and unions argued that it amounts to an unconstitutional seizure of their property. But the appeals court says the law still lets workers unionize, and whatever benefits that non-union workers receive do not deprive the unions of compensation. In July, a federal court also upheld the state's right to work law.

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